How often do you get frustrated enough to quit?

I don’t know if this is because I am getting older or I just have a short fuse these days but I seldom have fun playing online games anymore. I will get frustrated over lag, unfair kills (in certain games), or people just being generally annoying. If I don’t do decent, I just can’t have fun.

I used to get really mad when I would lose. Didn’t matter what game it was, I hated losing. I stopped carrying as much when I stopped smoking. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it or not but my sister seems to think that it can cause anger issues. Legal in my state now and I don’t touch the stuff. Go figure lol

Usually, if I am in a bad mood, I don’t even bother playing a game cause I know I will just end up more frustrated. If and when (which is rare) a game makes me mad enough, I will just take a week off from it.

Ease of frustration at a game could be a sign of something bigger going on within yourself. More so if it’s a game you’re known to be decent at or previously enjoyed.

Though… then again bad mechanics can just be frustrating too.

I used to get frustrated and mad playing CoD. I stopped played back in 2015. The older I get, the easier it is for me to just say f it and walk away if something is annoying me in a game. Maybe I am the opposite in that regard. I don’t get mad, I just go do something else.

Not gonna lie, playing CoD is just annoying with it’s mechanics after playing milsims and more games with actual ballistic simulation and realistic tactical play.

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I guess I would say a handful of times a year. There are certain games that get under my skin more than others but this is down to them being online games and people on my team just making me mad. Rocket League is a good example of this. If I get matched up with people who are screwing around or just absolutely suck, I get pissed.

More than I should for my age haha

I mean, it depends on the game. Online games like CoD can really get under my skin very easily, especially if I am already in a bad mood.

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Same for me. Like I have had issues with frustration with certain games since my teens. I mean I like winning and if I am not winning, I can only have so much fun. I guess I am just more competitive than I should be in video games lol

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CoD is one of the most annoying games out there, especially these days. I think the older games functioned way better. They even felt better when using the guns and other weapons.

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