How often do you exercise/are active?

I am asking because I know for a lot of us, sitting still for hours is the norm given that we play games. I have a bit of a double-edged sword thing happening for me now because I work from home. So I am at my desk from morning till night for work, gaming, etc. I will go to the sofa to play on consoles but I am still just sitting around. I know this is unhealthy. I wanna see what you all do in terms of exercise to stay healthy while still enjoying gaming.

Not often enough. I sit a lot as well since I have an office job. I try to take short breaks every hour just to stretch and move around but I don’t always do it. They keep saying that sitting is the new smoking and given how unhealthy people are these days I’d believe it.

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I started walking every morning at the beginning of January. My brother-in-law gave me his old treadmill so I was using that and I stuck to it for 2 weeks but had one bout of stomach issues and haven’t used it since. Once I fall out of a habit, I can’t get back into it. I am eating healthier though.


I work a pretty active job so I keep my exercises light. Just a few lifts with dumbbells and some cardio, ive been meaning to add a day of yoga but I havent had the time right now for it.

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I do basic exercises whenever am free, but am a college student, idk how u would manage my time either if I had a job and worked 8hrs a day. But working out has kind of become a habbit altho i only started it 5 months ago.

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I’m trying to lose weight and failing pretty bad. I started exercising and cutting back on what I eat and yet only lost 2 pounds for the entire month of January. lol

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I don’t go out of my way to workout or anything of that nature. I tend to be pretty active just by account of my daily living so I never had an issue with being overweight or fat.

Started working out again today. I used to go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week but the one I was a member at got shut down last year cause of covid and ended up closing for good back in December. They just couldn’t keep things going with the strict lockdowns. So yeah, doing the home stuff now. Hopefully I can stick to it.

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That happened to my brother. He was a 5 day gym guy and once the lockdowns started, he just didn’t bother working out outside the gym. He thought they would reopen in a few weeks so it just went a long with it. The gym reopened nearly 3 months later and closed again after just one month. He ended up gaining a good 30 pounds last year and lost some muscle. What are you planning on doing at home?

Not as often as I should, but I try to squeeze in a few days of exercise each week. I ended up converting my basement into a personal gym at the start of 2020. Started with buying a total gym, exercise bike, and a treadmill. Now, it’s filled up with all kinds of equipment that I added to it during the pandemic. Glad I did, especially during the colder months where I’m not as active with doing work to the yard and all.

Yard work is actually some of the best exercises you can get but unfortunately, if you are in an area that gets cold in the winter, it makes doing things harder and there isn’t much to do. I get a fair amount of snow so I try to force myself out to shovel instead of using the snowblower.

Since posting in the thread, I have been trying to make changes and failing. I either have issues with not feeling good, pain starts in my back, or I am too busy with work. It sucks. I need to find something I can do every day that is fast and won’t put too much strain on my back.

Make sure you get enough rest! Sleep is important when exercising!

I also work from home now and have done for the past year this March! I’ve put on weight and I’m definitely not as active as I would like. I go for walks when I can but also work long hours. I work out at home but it doesn’t help in terms of burning calories.

In the last year and a half or so, I have gained weight. I am afraid to admit it but I am up 40 pounds. I had a lot of stressful stuff happen and I just ate too much junk food. Couple this in with back problems and being stuck at home for several months and BAM!.. Yeah I need to focus on fixing this and losing weight. I should exercise more than I do.

Not active enough. Used to go to the gym weekly in my late teens and early 20s. Since I turned 30, I just got insanely lazy. I really have no excuse.