How much should a used Nintendo Switch go for?

I have no idea. I am trying to figure this out. Someone I work with is willing to sell it to me with some games but we don’t know what a fair price would be. He got the system the first year it came out and has 5 games I would want with it. I don’t think there are any extras with it like other controllers or anything like that.

I looked on ebay and most people are asking around $270 for it used which is nuts. I think this is because it is still so hard to find. Otherwise a used console that was $300 would be around $180 to $220 used.

I would go based on how long he had it, how much it was used, and the overall quality of the system. Games, I am not sure about. It depends on the title. Just see what they go for used at Gamestop and take off like 15% which is usually what they mark them up for.

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I agree with that ^

Go based on the quality and how new it is and then go by Gamestop’s pricing point for the games with the mind that they do increase the value slightly.

I would say just for the console, around $200 but if you include the games, do them for like $20 a piece. It is really up to the guy selling though. He could probably get more than $200, some people get their money back in full or then some because people are still looking to buy one.

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I think this sounds fair. If it is in great condition, $220 but $20 a game unless the game came out this year or late last year in which case it should be $40.

$250 is what I would ask, personally. The reason being is that the system is still new and still hard to find. For games, I would go based on year. Knock off $10 per year. So if it came out in 2017, it would be $20 but a game that came out in 2019, that would be $40

Probably 250 if it’s unbanned, and not one of the exploitable consoles for homebrew. (RCM Exploit)

300-500 for one that is exploitable i’d wager if those in particular have gotten hard to come by.

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A friend of mine’s brother just got one locally off Craiglist. He paid almost $700 for it and just one game. I only know two people who have them now and the other guy is a Youtuber.

I would just look around for prices at places that sell used games and consoles and take that as the average cause I know those places won’t be overcharging like on ebay.

This is as of last year:

They recommend $200 to $249.

Thanks, everyone. I guess the average from everyone’s answers would be about $230 which I guess is fair. it is $70 off for it being used. I’ll see what he thinks of that and then we can talk about the games.

I like the way Blue said to do the games. I would do it like this:

2021 - $50
2020 - $40
2019 - $30
2018 - $25
2017 - $15

This is kind of what they would go for online or at a place like Gamestop. Though I think Gamestop would still try to get a bit more out of them. I know a game from 2017, they will only give you like 7 bucks for. lol

I would just say $350 for the lot. The system and the 5 games. That sounds reasonable to me. The games alone would be $300 + tax new and the system is $300 + tax new.

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He agreed to sell it for $380. This is for the system, 5 games, and a few controllers and other extras so I think I got a pretty solid deal. I will be getting it from him Friday. Looking forward to playing some Nintendo games again.

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What controllers are they, do you know the specific models/makes? They have some good non-tendo options that I am curious about.