How much on average do you spend on gaming per year?

I was thinking about last year for this. I had more time to game, less income, but it balanced out so I still bought about what I normally would any other year. When there is no new console to get or new upgrade for my PC, I probably spend around $300 on games per year. This includes AAA titles and lesser titles. I asked my friend about this the other day and was shocked. He said he probably spend $800 or more per year. That is insane! But when you do the math, that is about 15 games per year so if you have multiple consoles, 15 games is not a lot.

It changes from year to year depending on what is coming out. I spent less than normal last year because a lot of games were delayed and I was unable to buy a console, having not been able to find one. I think everything averages out to like $400 a year though. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

It changed from year to year but not nearly as much as I once did. I can’t honestly say now. I don’t really track this kind of stuff. I have to track other things like fast food and whatnot to make sure I am not overspending there.

A few hundred most years. I try to get games on sale when I can wait for them. I spent a lot last year just cause I had a good 2 and a half months of nothing to do. lol

I get an average of 3 or 4 AAA titles and maybe a few indie titles on PC so probably around $350 a year or so. Hard to gauge. I don’t get new controllers or anything like that every year either. I spend more when I get things like that, obviously.

I honestly can’t tell you cause it is not something I ever think about. I know these days I don’t spend much. The last few years combined I only bought a handful of games.

The average is probably around $500. This is including all different games, controllers, keyboards, upgrades, consoles, and so on. I don’t go overboard but I make sure I have something to enjoy for myself every few months.

At this point, less than 500 on games. Not including peripherals and hardware since I don’t often do total hardware upgrades or replacements.

Then again i did just spend over a grand between new parts for a PC & a NAS enclosure (A must, new case is super compact.)

Somewhere between 300 and 500. It depends on the year, the releases, and if I have a console or not. I spend more when I am playing more on a console for obvious reasons.

I am surprised most people here spend in the same range. Happy to see no one spending $800+ cause that is just insane to me. Especially if you have a full time job and kids. I just wouldn’t want to spend that much knowing I can’t enjoy the games I buy as much.

I don’t know a single person who could afford to spend that much on games lol

Like most of my friends and family either have kids, debt, or live paycheck to paycheck half the year.

This is smart though. The people that don’t prioritize where their money goes end up in the most debt and the most trouble down the road. Gaming is not worth going into debt over.

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