How is your 2021 going?

We are a month in. Has this year been better for you thus far?

I know it is kind of early to say for most people but things have been going decent for me. I feel like I have some good things lined up in the near future. Going to get a new car this weekend which is a much-needed investment for me. I am also expecting a raise at work in the near future since things are working out in my favor and I am bringing loads to the company I work for. Not planning any trips though cause COVID is still a thing, unfortunately.

The year has had a bit of a slow start for me personally. Outside of personal life, it has been a zinger with what happened on the 6th, and the stock exchange billionaires crying. Fun times. I am hoping the virus lets up enough that we can have a normal summer.

It’s going alright. If life doesnt throw too many curve balls this year could be a fruitful one for me.

So far, I can’t complain. Things are looking up for me in comparison to last year which was to be expected. I think 2020 was a pretty bad year for a lot of people.

Too early for me to say. Jan and Feb are usually slow months for me since nothing is going on. All the holidays and birthdays don’t start until March and since it is the dead of winter and very snowy out, not much to do. I just go to work and sit at home on my time off.

I am trying to figure out some things for a site idea I have had for some time now. It is more a less a way of earning extra money through ads and I think it can do well. I was going to start it last year but it wasn’t a good year for ads online. I am hoping to get this up and running by March.

Kind of slow and not much happening. Typical for the beginning of the year for me. I am hoping to lose some weight I gained last year. So I started dieting and walking my dog 45 min every day after dinner. So far, lost about 8 pounds.

Can’t complain. Doing my best to stay busy and keep things moving forward with my life. I am hoping to get some sort of savings going this year. I had to drain what I had last year just to get by.

I don’t really signify how things are based on a year changing. I mean everything that was an issue in December doesn’t just suddenly go away in January. So yeah, I still have issues I need to sort out and we all keep having to deal with this stupid virus. It sucks.

I have had better days. It isn’t all bad though. I am like many others hoping we can see a return to normal after this winter. I don’t like not being able to go out and socialize.

Not bad but not good. Kind of been a neutral start to the year. Glad to see a lot of “political” stuff toning down but not fast enough. I am over it.

Meh. I haven’t been sleeping great. So most mornings to afternoons I am tired as heck and then I become awake again at night when I want to go to bed. It sucks. I haven’t has a sleep issue like this in a few years. Last time this happened, it went on for almost 3 years. It is some kind of acute insomnia.

A bit of an update… I dented my car. So much for looking up lol

I drove too close to one of those parking lot blocks and it went under my bumper and bent it. Going to get some quotes to fix it this week but some people at work are telling me it will be $800+… ffs man lol

Pretty good now that xfire is back.

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Very cold where I am. My heat hasn’t been working right which sucks and my dryer broke. Can’t afford to buy a new one right now either. So needless to say, I am going to be wearing as much clothes as I can before going to the laundromat. I will have to see if I can find a used one.