Holy crap it's back?!

Wow, I’m very surprised to see this domain back and running to some degree!

I used to use XFire back in my time in Star Wars Battlefront (2004), it was how I kept comms with lots of clanmates and friends. Sadly I kind of got into it on the tail end, I was active on XFire from 2011-2015. After that, I moved over to Discord (as did some of my friends), but there were still many people on my Xfire friends list that I eventually never saw again.

I was also one of the lucky ones who got their videos and screenshots before the big takedown (still have them in fact), but I gotta admit there’s something charming about the old client and how it worked (pre-2.0, mind you). Still love the old Shadow skin!

Anyways, dunno if anyone from here played SWBF2004 in some capacity, but just felt like reminiscing. Still crazy to see the site back up!

P.S:, if any fellow Battlefrontians are trying to remember me, ya might remember my tag, GM 027/Gold Man. :slight_smile:


Welcome, glad you found us!

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Hey there. You using the same name as before? It seems familiar. Glad to see others finding the place. I was part of the place way back when and while this forum doesn’t look similar, knowing it came back was a real treat for me.

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Yep, it’s the same tag I had as before! I only ever used my tag in lowercase on Xfire, but my nickname did change a lot due to the clans I used to be apart of on Battlefront. :slight_smile:

Funny enough, I’m also using the last profile pic I had for my Xfire account too!

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Heyy! So happy to see more people joining. I was around for the OG days but I was not into Battlefront so our paths likely didn’t cross much but welcome back!

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Belated welcome back. I remember seeing you around the old spot. I remember some people on here but not everyone. Still, happy to see more and more finding the place. I hope this community can become something great again.

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Nice. I have changed mine and tweaked my name over the years so I am not sure I have the same one I used or not. I joined so many forums I lost count. Glad to see some of the original members coming back though. Looking forward to seeing this place boom.

dude i am so happy xfire is back i hope they bring the client back from the dead too

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