Hitman III (three roman numerals)

Looks like Hitman III (look at title if confused) will be an Epic Games Store exclusive (UGH)! Once again showing their bad intentions probably bad teeth too (bad breath follows). I loved playing as a man hitter especially one in such good shape :slight_smile: looks like the waiting begins… (for a steam release)

I, personally, have no problem with the EPIC games store and I welcome our new Epic overlords :bowing_man: :champagne:

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the only store that’s epic is gamers galaxy that the poles have. its awesome. i don’t want to talk about cyber 2077


I think the Epic Games Store was an excellent idea. It’s made a lot of games openly available to players who use the service. Steam is just a stale piece of bread right now in comparison.

Please use “p*les” on this forum, that word is offensive to some.

sorry but until they treat their developers right (give them more overtime) I will continue using the word poles in a non offensive context

I am please asking you to stop using the word “p*les” unless it is in the complex analytical sense…

lest you are seeking analyzation from me.

this is my protest word and i will not back down until things are righted. get off my pole.

Remember what I said about killers and cats?

Never let those words leave your thoughts.

I’m not a killer, but Tiggy, you are first on somebody’s list.

Tiggy is on my list (a long one trust me) of cute cats.


While I don’t outright have an issue with Epic, I have gone out of my way to avoid getting games through them when possible. Looks like I can’t avoid this if I want to play the next Hitman.

Wasn’t Hitman 2 just “Hitman 2”?

Seems weird to jump to Roman numerals if that is the case here. Glad to see they are making another one, unfortunately, I will not be playing it. Playing games through Epic on a Linux PC has been too much of a challenge and pain in the butt for me to bother with.

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Wasnt Hitman always about modern times? so weird theyd make the game take place in roman empire era but whatever lol

lol… Roman numerals doesnt mean roman empire!!

If a game had always done this, the use of Roman numerals I mean, that would make sense but it seems rather silly here. I see most people just calling it Hitman 3 for what it is worth though. Maybe they will end up changing the title before the game comes out and keep it as 3 instead of III.

please stop disrespecting romanis by claiming they can’t count in “non PoC” numbers. Next time i’m reporting u to the @moderators

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Uhm. I didn’t say/mean anything offensive. Maybe you should reread my post! :sweat_smile:

you’re right! my apologies! I thought I was replying to casemods. sorry!!!

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Is this game going to be one of those “exclusives” for like a month or so and then come out elsewhere or is it going to just come out on Epic and nowhere else?