Hello xFire and glad to see u again

Hello boys and girls I hope this community can raise again old and best client ever xFire

Hello AnGel! Glad to see other people joining. Was your username “AnGel” on the OG platform or is this a different name you are posting under?

My user name is undeadangelkiller , playing CoD4 on many servers, I really hope this community have a chance with maybe a new client with all the old things that have old xFire

f u. Xfire was number one!!!

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Discord is all college freshmen trying to cheat on their accounting homework. There was something pure about Xfire that modern clients seem to lack-- like the presence of beautiful gamer girls like Chicasplaying and Squezey

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did someone say squeezey? now THAT was a woman. Awooooga awooga! hummanahummana


like this post if u sent Weetsie a pic of ur Weetsie and they never responded to u

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