HBO is making a movie... About Reddit/Gamestop

I didn’t believe this when my brother told me about it yesterday but sure enough…

What the heck man lol I mean this is fine, like this will expose Wall Street and how corrupt it is and I am all for that but this really depends on how they paint the narrative. If they just do the same thing mainstream media has been doing, then it will solve nothing. People need to occupy Wall Street again and not back down this time.

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How can they be making a movie when the event isnt even over yet?

They want to get in on it while it is fresh. Likely going to be an on-going “documentary” style movie. HBO just wants to get on board with it and make money while it is still relivent.

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I don’t understand why they would bother with something like this. Like we all witnessed what happened, well, those of us who paid attention anyways. Is this for like the boomers or something? lol

They aren’t the only ones cashing in on this either. What bothers me about it all is the fact that we all witnesses how criminal wall street is and how they always screw over the little guy but the media forced the story into supression.