Has the Among Us trend finally started dying out?

I am seeing less and less about it. It would appear the memes, videos, streams, and gifs seemingly died over night. Just like 2 weeks ago, I could not escape the game but now hardly anyone is talking about it. Did the trend finally end?

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I thought the same thing. I am in the US and ever since the election, everything kind of just stopped with the game. It was weird timing. I don’t think either has to do with each other but still, strange. I never really cared for the game myself. It is nice not hearing people say everything is “sus” non-stop.

It is still popular with some people. It seems to be more popular on Twitch than YouTube as of late maybe that is why you are not seeing so much of it these days. I got the game before it blew up and loved it but now nothing but hackers and cheaters are in public lobbies. Game is unplayable.

Nope, still going strong from what I can see! I think the memes and everything only died down a bit because of politics. I expect them to pick back up again. Plenty of people still enjoy the game and play it weekly.

Check on Twitch and do a few searched on YouTube. It is not as big as it was during the boom but there are still plenty of people playing it and well-known gamers in fact. Even AOC of NY plays it. Now that is nuts!

Not really. Plenty of people are still online. I know several who play it. Both my brothers play it and even my sister plays it on mobile. I think it is just one of those games people will continue to play for awhile since it is fast, free/cheap, and easy.

Even with the hacks and whatnot, it still seems to be going strong which I am surprised by. Like I think the concept of the game is cool but I only ever played it on mobile and was bored with it after a few rounds. When you get killed and are stuck waiting, it isn’t much fun.

Since posting this, I think people were just playing other things because I am seeing stuff all over again. I guess it was just temporary and the game is indeed still just as popular.

^ yeah you are probably right.

This is the kind of game people enjoy watching groups of friends play. I can’t see it going away any time soon. Especially on Twitch like I mentioned.