Halo Infinite Dev Leaves

Not sure if anyone saw this but Kolbe Payne has left 343 Industries to join the Texas-based developer Gunfire Games as a junior level designer. No word on what he will be working on but that is an impressive move. I mean they make some pretty big titles over there. I am looking forward to seeing what he can do under a new company.

I wonder if they offered him more money. It seems weird to just up and leave before the game you worked on is even released but I guess this is probably not unheard of.

It was more than likely a promotion from another company. He may have also wanted to get our of the area and move. Sometimes that is enough to convince someone to take up a new job. I don’t remember where 343 Industries is stationed, might be Cali, in which case I could not blame him for wanting to get out of there. lol

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I read something about them planning another Dark Souls and wanting him on the team. I think this is the company that releases those games anyway. I could be wrong and thinking of something else though.

The studio is based in Washington so a bit north of Cali but still you are right. I know a number of friends and family who have moved away from that general area be it down to weather, politics, taxation, or just a general fresh start.

Good for him. I am sure he must have taken a deal to work on a specific game or maybe a few games. I think these kinds of devs work under contracts so they come and go from companies all the time. Not entirely unheard of.

What does the last bit of what you said have to do with the OP’s topic? I don’t understand. Are you taking shots at the owner of the site or something? You need to chill out.