Hades worth getting?

I am thinking it will go on sale soon.

I read a bit about it in a recommended Steam games article for late 2020. I can’t say I ever played anything similar to this. It looks like it could be pretty fun though. Very fast-paced. I am looking for a solid single-player game that is under $30.

Not my kind of game personally but a few people on my friend’s list have it and have been playing it weekly since the release. One of them recommended it to me but I would say unless you are into this style of game, probably worth passing on.

It is pretty solid. I mean I am enjoying it. I don’t play it all the time. It is one of those games I will pick up and play for 30 min and then not play for a few days. The graphics are a lot of fun.

I ended up getting it on a whim. I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it or not. I have played it and do like it but it isn’t anything I am over the moon about. I can recommend it to people who love this style but if you are on the fence, just wait for a sale.

It gets banging reviews and the few people on my friends list who have the game say it is really great. I never played it though so I can’t recommend it personally but if you are interested, just read through the reviews on Steam and see what people are saying about it.

It is up for game of the year. It is worth getting imo. I played around 20 hours on the game this far and this is with working two jobs. I was mainly only playing this game for a while there.

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I was going to mention the game is up for several awards this year. I have not played it though so I really don’t know if I can recommend it or not but based on what others have said, if you think you will enjoy it, go for it. I know Steam still allows you to get refunded for any reason if you don’t enjoy the game. Just make sure you do it fast and don’t spend too much time playing or they won’t give it to you.

Finally gave this game a try. A friend gifted it to me on Steam. Must say, I am not surprised it got such great reviews. I never would have bought this myself but having played it now, I would have been missing out.

Hades is totally worth it. Got it for the switch and oh my it runs well.
Check out some game plays and reviews and see if its your type of game.