GTA V (PC) is just... Awful

So I got my taste of it for the first time and it is horrible. There are hackers and modders in almost every lobby. I come to find out players are using modding software just to protect themselves from hackers. Others are getting doxed and Rockstar does nothing about it. I remember loving this back when it came out on console. What the heck happened?

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I always tell people who want to play the game to never play on PC. I did a few years ago and it was bad then. I can’t imagine how bad it is now. RDR online isn’t any different, in some cases, it is worse. Now that they made that a stand-alone online game only to cater to investors, I wouldn’t waste my time or money with it.

Well, duh. lol

Everyone knows that game sucks because of the players. The online experience has been ruined on PC for years now. It hasn’t been worth it to play it in almost 5 years now.

I played on GTA V on PC back in 2018. It was a mess then. I can’t imagine it now. Like almost every lobby had a modder/hacker. Some of them are friendly. They just enjoy messing with mods which is fine but I have an issue when they start screwing over everyone in the lobby just for a laugh.

I gave up on GTA V when I couldn’t play online anymore on console. I tried on multiple consoles, changed my IP, even got a new internet provider in the midst of it. It would not let me connect to online. Never cheated or used hacks either.

I wouldn’t say it is awful. The game itself is fine. The community is what is awful. I can’t stand the way people treat each other on there and how trolls dominate the servers. I was once in a lobby with a dude and his friend who targeted every single player for no reason. Most annoying players in the world.

^ I think that is a fair observation.

The game is still a good game. I mean I loved the story mode to it and had fun with it online for a few years. This is just a case of how a community can ruin something for people.

Yeah that is what I was saying. The “fan base” essentially ruined the game for most people. Unless you can stack a lobby and only play with friends and never have your code exposed online, then you are going to be screwed over.

I think a large modding community is always a good thing for games. You more of what you want out of the game. I’ll agree that Rockstar sucks though lmao

The core of the issue is indeed Rockstar. Modding is not the issue it is the lack of control, poorly run and outdated server hosting (peer to peer which is NOT private), and the inability to call out crappy players because they realized they increase money in their pockets.

Is it really down to people just playing the game this way and making it terrible for other people though? I feel like Rockstar as to be enabling this kind of stuff to some degree because I had never played a game with this level of toxic BS.

the lv of toxic is what makes GTA online so much fun without it wouldn’t feel like GTA online

That is a pretty hot take lol I mean I get what you are saying but really, it has gotten too bad. There are times when I went on to play with a few friends and it took forever to find a lobby/server that wasn’t filled with idiots screwing with people.

I would have never bought it on PC had I known it was this bad though. That is my point. The game is almost entirely ruined until you run mods/hacks or manage to avoid modders or hackers. It takes forever to find a fresh lobby and usually after I do, I end up going into a crowded one after a mission.