GTA V loading times down by 70% with some code!

I don’t know if any of ya’ll seen this but this is pretty awesome. One of my biggest complaints that have been longstanding with GTA V was the loading screens. I always felt they were outrageously long and pointless. A Github user that goes by tostercx made code to fix the problem. You can read about the details over on PC Gamer. I just thought it was worth sharing. Seeing that some random fan can fix something like this just tells me Rockstar is being lazy.

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I can bet you them not fixing it has to do more with money than anything. Like it would probably take them time to get it to function for all platforms and at this point, they would be throwing away money since it was an issue that could have, or rather should have been fixed within the first year of the game being released.

They should have fixed it within the first year for sure. They just didn’t care to or they didn’t want to waste time on it because they were focusing on the online issues they had in the beginning.

I don’t know how people figure this stuff out but I am always impressed when they do. Most of the time it is just one guy working on this stuff alone too.

You would have thought they would have just fixed this themselves. I am hoping since GTA is going to be their main focus going forward, they really focus on this being quicker for the next game.

I think a lot of people expected them to fix it but they never did. I kind of remember them saying they were going to work on it and it was just never a topic they spoke on after that.