Going to go back and play some SNES games on an emulator

I wanted to go back and play some old-school games. Been in the mood for it recently. Going to start with the SNES and go from there. What game do you think I should start with? I am debating. Part of me wants to play Super Mario Bros. 3 but I played that so many times that I think I should start with something that I didn’t play as much.

So you want something completely random and difficult?

I always recommend the same game and people hate me for it: Mickey Mania


I never finished Mickey Mania. Hated that game lol

I was always a fan of the Aladdin game. Ironically enough, my sister loved the movie. I didn’t actually watch it until I was older but I really liked the game.

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Donkey Kong Country is always a good one. The first or second. Not a fan of the third but you might enjoy playing them in order. 2 is my favorite of the bunch.

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I absolutely hated that game!! I actually went back and tried playing it a few years ago and couldn’t even get that far in the game. I wanted to break the controller. I remember it being hard but not THAT hard!

I would suggest Harvest Moon but if you already play Stardew Valley then you likely won’t enjoy it as much. I played it when I was a kid so I actually prefer it but people who played Stardew and went back to that game don’t like it as much.

Harvest Moon was on the SNES?? Why do I not remember it being on that system? Wow, I am having a brain fart or something. I never played the game but I feel like it is something my sister would have loved and we didn’t own it.