GOG Promotionals & GOG Connect Updates

GOG usually has good to insane deals throughout the year, and somtimes from promotionals. In addition to that, there’s the GOG Connect program, that allows the connection of steam accounts during a limited window of time to get DRM free editions of games people own already on Steam.

Right now, there’s an 85% Deal off for the Might and Magic series as part of a review by Ssethtzeentach’s (re)review of Might and Magic VI (but in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer via a mod)

The Deal

GOG Connect (not active currently.)

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Not my cup of tea but I can bet you at least 3 of my friends will be happy about it. Going to let them know.

I don’t even know if I have any games on GOG. I do have an account but I can’t seem to remember the password. Do they have better deals than Steam these days?

I would say yes but I only recently started using them to buy games through. I think Steam used to have banging sales but now it just seems like the same games go on sale every 3 months, ones I either already have or have no interest in.

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I signed up for GOG last year but have yet to buy a game there yet. From what I heard, they are doing better than Steam in recent time.

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