Gerard Butler Playing Kratos in God of War Movie

When I saw something about this, I was not surprised. The man has played in a lot of movies and as a lot of roles similar to this one. 300 is probably everyone’s biggest remembered role by him in this genre. What are your thoughts on him playing Kratos?

I thought they would go with someone a little younger but I can see him playing the role and doing it justice. I just don’t know about the movie. They are really going to have to consider things and really look into the story to fully understand it.

I know a lot of video game movies flop but this is one of the few I can see working out so I am glad to see Mr. 300 taking the lead role. What story is this going to be focused on?

The man is a solid actor but we all know a good actor can’t save a bad script. I am just hoping they do this one right. I have not liked very many movies based on video game series and I am sure most people feel the same.

He will have to bulk up big time and lose the fat but the dude looks the part. He has the nose and the face structure to pull it off for sure and he is a gifted actor. I will watch this when it comes out for sure.

I always liked Butler as an actor so I think they did a good job there. I think the story and aspects of the story from all of the God of War games could make a great movie but I have more than one reason to doubt this will do well…