Genres that can use more games?

What genres in video games could use more games for them?

I think the whole space thing has been done into the dirty. Same with zombies and war games. What there isn’t much of is underwater-style games. I would love to see something like Bio-Shock but where you can actually explore the water. Make it super creepy and stuff.

What are the main genres? I am not really familiar with anything outside of the standard styles like horror, action, role-playing, etc.

Those are all the main genres. I would like to see more stealth games. Like ones that are more geared toward being confined like earlier MGS titles. There aren’t many games like that these days. Most are open-world stealth which takes away from the general feel of those kinds of games.

Well the industry is over-saturated with shooters so we don’t really need more of those. I would be interested in more games that are like 2D platformers. I know a lot of people don’t care for them these days but I think for older fans, they could make a killing with the right concept.

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Adventuring dolphins fighting aliens to save the Earth.

And yes, I mean Ecco the Dolphin, one of the greatest Sega Genesis of all time! :smile: The 20 Greatest Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) Games of All Time - Xfire

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I do miss the older-styled games. I don’t know if those are classified as their own genre or not but I would definitely like to see more games like that being made. There is too much focus on graphics these days and many games that look beautiful have boring stories or poor gaming mechanics anyways.

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Minecraft is a prime example of why graphics don’t mean everything. If a concept is good and well-thought-out, people will play the game no matter what it looks like. Heck, to an even lesser extent… Roblox is raking in money and I think the game looks horrible. Because they have a good concept that is appealing though, it does well.

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I am partial to immersive RPG games. Think games like Fable. I would like to see more of those that are done properly. Many that are released these days lack the right feel to them. I think this is down to less focus being put on single-player gaming experiences and bad writers.