GameStop CFO Resigned

I thought this was worth posting about since some people seemed pretty interested in the whole stock hijack from last month. Jim Bell, Gamestops CFO will be stepping down at the end of March and taking 2.8 million with him which is a lot more than what he makes in a single year. I am assuming this is to cover the costs for the next 3 or 4 years.

It seems they are trying to scrape together what they have left to keep the business going but I honestly can’t see it surviving much longer. I think it will be lucky to reach 2022 at this rate.

You can read more about the CFO story here:

They have been hurting for a good 10 years now. I am shocked they made it this far. I figured they would have closed shop in 2020. I think it is good they are trying to hang on as long as possible though because a lot of people rely on them for work.


I was going to mention that. Like I feel bad for the people who rely on these jobs to make a living. They have to be wondering when their time will come to an end. If I worked for the company, I would start job hunting now though.

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I thought it would have closed in 2020 too but I think because of people being laid off or stuck at home, they ended up getting an increase in revenue but this was quickly shot back down later in the year. What sucks for them though is that stock thing that just happened. That hurt the company in a big way.

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Did you see their stocks are going up again? I have a buddy at work who invested when it dipped so he is getting super excited about it.

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