Games for $0.99 (on sale right now)

I thought I would post some cheap games people might enjoy. These are part of the Steam Winter Sale so they won’t last forever. If you want something to just kill time and mess around with without spending a lot, check 'em out!

A few of these look surprisingly decent for what they are. I would not recommend that Tomb Raider game though. I bought it when it first came out. Runs like a dumpster fire. You have to really tweak things and work with it to get it running okay.

Teslagrad is a good game. I got it another time it was on sale. I ended up getting it for a friend too since he seemed to enjoy it. For only a dollar, it is worth the DL.

Going to get that Poly Bridge. Looks like a decent game for a buck and I like those kinds of games when I am just looking for something to do to waste time that doesn’t involve too much investment.

I never heard of any of these but I am going to check them out. I actually have an odd $7 sitting on Paypal I can use. May as well spend it on some games!

Nothing really interests me here but I appreciate you sharing the list. If you spot anything else for under $10 or maybe plan on doing a sales list for games under $10, tag me.