Game Preservation Group Releases Over 700 PS2 Prototypes

Last night video game preservation group, The Hidden Palace, released over 700 PS2 early builds, prototypes, E3, and press release demos in a massive dump the group referred to as “Project Deluge”.

The Hidden Palace hosted a stream on Twitch that lasted over six hours Saturday night. During that stream, they showcased a number of PS2 pre-release builds and demos for various games, including Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex, LEGO Star Wars The Video Game, Crazy Taxi, and Final Fantasy X-2.


I think it is nuts people are still so invested in this system but I can honestly understand it. I think gaming really took off around this time and things have never been the same since. PS2 was a solid system and everyone I knew back then had one.

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I still have my PS2 and it works! I mean this is great for people looking to get the system again or for those who missed out on it entirely.

There are still brand new ones you can find on ebay and other places that were unopened. They sell for a lot though so I guess this is a way of getting one slightly less?

Maybe this is just me but is there really this much of an interest in such and old console to merit them doing this??

I don’t get the appeal on these but I was never a big PS2 fanboy or anything of the sort. I liked the system but not enough to get something like this today when roms and stuff are easily obtained if I want to play an older game.

I miss my PS2. I fell in love with gaming on it, playing games like Socom Navy Seals, NHL 2004 (The Strike Year), and above all else, Final Fantasy X!!!

I wish that I could go play those on the original console again.

The rereleases are great though.

Same goes for the OG Xbox, tons of people still in it for the homebrew scene and reviving the original Xbox’s XBL service, such as the Insignia Project.

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