Gal Gadot & Brie Larson to Present GotY Awards 2020

I thought I would share this in case anyone is curious. I have no issue with Gal Gadot. I quite like her but Brie Larson???


I can’t stomach that woman. She is a racist man-hating pig who should have nothing to do with gaming. I don’t know a single person who has any respect for her. Even people who have worked with her can hardly stomach her toxicity.

That is just me though. If you are a fan of hers, don’t take it personally.

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lol that GIF

Yeah, I am not a fan of her. I only ever heard bad things about the woman. I am not very familiar with Gal though. I feel like these names are a bit random in terms of choice for this kind of award. I would have rather they had someone within the gaming community like a streamer or something.

I never saw anything she was in, I just know a lot of people don’t like her. I honestly don’t even remember what the gal looks like. Either way, they are there for show nothing more. I would also prefer to see someone in the actual gaming community give the award.

Eh. I am not bothered. I never cared who announced the award for these things. It is almost always cringy regardless. If an actual gamer did the award, it would be awkward. At least these women are paid actresses.

Who and who? I don’t know either of these women. lol

Maybe I am living under a rock these days but they can’t be related to the gaming industry, right? Like they aren’t in video games or work for companies, or am I wrong?

Brie played Captain Marvel in the movies. I don’t know what other movies/shows she has been in. Gal Gadot played as Wonder Woman in the latest movies. Both are actresses I am not familiar with outside of these comic movies.