For the forum's organization

Could we possibly have more categories in the forum?

Maybe revive some of the old boards again [like the Halo board/RSE[offtopic]/Blizzard/etc]?

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Yas! +1 to all these suggestions. @admins where u at???

And what is wrong with Stromront exactly? Not saying that I myself … am racist (a term used by the loony left to stifle free speech).

  • BasedKekistani

Uhm… I don’t understand what happened in this thread, I hope it doesn’t mean my suggestion has been ignored.

Hi I will take care of all this next week. Thank you for the suggestion!

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@lolimoon @tokoyami200 what kind of new sections are you looking for? If there is enough discussion of a single game, then it would deserve its own section/category

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I’m unsure whats popular game-wise right now, but back in the day I liked posting in the Halo boards, so I’d vote for that

Also if just to appease my nostalgia can we call offtopic Random Social Encounters like it was back in the day. :pleading_face:

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I second lolimoon suggestion of renaming off topic to “random social encounters”

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Maybe a section for people looking to play a game together?

Then a section for “classic gaming” and “modern gaming” so retro topics can be separate from modern/current titles and consoles.

Just some suggestions. I don’t remember everything from the old Xfire

The place is coming together nicely. I like the sections so far. Best to get things organized now before more threads/topics are made!

Xfire got crazy back in the day.

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you probably want to check this out