Favorite Zelda game?

The Zelda franchise has been number one in my heart for a long, long time. I have played almost every single Zelda game that has come out and while some were not the best, I still enjoyed each and every one of them. For me, Ocarina of Time is my favorite. I know a lot of people don’t like it because of the graphics but it was so much fun to play through and watch the story unfold for me. Second to this one, Link to the Past.

What is your favorite Zelda game?


Link to the Past is probably my favorite. I love the old style of games like that and still prefer it in some cases. I can see the appeal of Ocarina of Time, I do really like that game but it doesn’t hit the same for me as a Link to the Past.

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Link to the Past is the GREATEST. It is timeless, came on the BEST Nintendo platform, and it will still be the greatest 20 years from now.

Perfect controls, right pacing, simple yet immersive plot, creative choices with the puzzles and boss battles. It will age better than anything that comes in the future and when the more recent ones have stood the test of time. Anyone who says otherwise (like saying Breath of the Wild is better) is WRONG :grin:
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I LOVE The Windwaker, Twilight Princess and Ocarina Of Time really much. Also a huge fan of The Minish Cap, which even my mother loved to play (mostly without my help!)… She already passed away 7 years ago and I still have her save file on the game :heart:

I tried to like Breath of the Wild but I couldn’t get through it so I sold it again lol.

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I actually never played Link to the Past or Legend of Zelda. My first introduction to Zelda was Ocarina of Time so that one will always be number one for me. I did also enjoy Majora’s Mask though I know that was not a fan favorite.

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