Favorite YouTube Gamer Channels?

I know we all have some people we enjoy watching play games or do general videos about them. For me, I watch just a handful these days. I am not sure if I can include someone like Pewdiepie anymore on this list because he doesn’t play much games. I mean he does stream them more now but that is for charity.

So yeah, for my top fav channels are GrayStillPlays, The Game Theorists, Skip the Tutorial, and MrBeast when he plays games. I have unsubbed several channels since I stopped watching them. I mostly watch people stream gameplay on Twitch these days.

I do like the Game Theorist and other channels like that. Ones that discuss games and go into the lore of the stories and whatnot. I don’t really watch people playing games. I never have.

LazarBeam, PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, DanTDM, and videogamedunkey are probably my top channels. I am subbed to a number of them though. I count Pewds because he still does plenty of gaming-related content.

I used to watch DanTDM and then I lost interest and unsubbed. I don’t know when or why but I just started watching less and less of his content. I think the only one I stuck with longterm has been Pewdiepie and that is because he pulled away from gaming a bit.

I don’t really have any favorites these days. Many of the channels I watched don’t do much gaming or they only stream and 9 times out of 10, I am not around to watch the streams live so I don’t bother with them.

I stopped watching Jack when he went all political on Twitter and was defending people rioting and destroying cities. It happened right after my uncle’s business was vandalized and the windows smashed in. I haven’t watched him since. A lot of them put me off from their content talking about this stuff. Oh well.

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I had no idea he did this. I am not on Twitter. I guess I am glad I am not because stuff like this would make me stop watching people. I hate when people get all political and are not even fully understanding what is going on but their fanbase blindly follows them.

Probably for the best. It ruined my views of a lot of people. I just can’t enjoy certain TV shows, movies, or music the same again.

RTGame, CallMeKevin, Let’s Game It Out. Brits have that something for comedy content.

Lately I haven’t been watching much in terms of gaming content. I kind of burned myself out on it. I will watch random people from time to time with certain games but I can’t name one off the top of my head I have enjoyed in a regular basis in some time now.

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