Facebook bought Oculus?

I had no idea this happened. I am actually glad I never bought one now. I do not want to be tied to that company in any way. I looked it up and it happened back in October. I am shocked not more people were talking about it. I don’t like how they are getting into gaming now though. I just don’t trust that company at all.

I think they were talking about it over the summer last year before it happened but because of all the drama with politics and covid, a lot of people didn’t even know the deal happened. My friend found out and sold his right away so I can understand not wanting one anymore.

They bought oculus back in 2014. However it was much more recently when they added requirements to have a facebook account synced up to it. I am saving up for an index because f that


Yeah its pretty old news. Shame that Facebook buy things, but at least it allowed John Carmack to continue to work on VR technology as CTO of Oculus VR. The guy is a tech God so I am glad he put his hand to VR, he’s always been interested in it.

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They bought it in 2014?? Wow, where the heck was I. I thought this was new news myself. I am not into this kind of gaming though. I don’t know if I ever will be.

Might have read an old article? Or maybe this was about their agreements changing. This happened a while ago. I only know about it because I owned one and ended up selling it to my cousin. This was around the time Facebook was getting into a lot of trouble with privacy issues.

What was being talked about was mainly down to rules and privacy things being changed. They bought it in 2014 for $3 billion. Since then they have been doing changes to make it official. I mean they have owned it but they didn’t control it fully, not until last year.

I am clearly out of the loop. I thought it just happened but yeah you are right, the “news” was about their final steps to taking over the company completely. I don’t even remember hearing about them buying it back in 2014.

Wow I was completely under the impression this was more recent but yeah I see now that the things I was reading were old and just updated articles from 2020.

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We were in the same boat, my friend. lol

Oh well, no harm done. Now we all know to avoid the company like the plague. I don’t know a single person who trusts Facebook anymore. lol

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