Ever wonder what the Witcher 3 would look like on a PS1?

I thought this was pretty cool. It was posted on YouTube yesterday and I would have missed out on it if it wasn’t for my friend being subbed to his channel. Check it out. Look so on par with games from that time. I love it!

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LOL I love the blockiness of it all. You are right too, it looks on par with games from that generation. I still have a soft spot for this style. I know a lot of people don’t care for it these days. Also, lol’d at the simp line.

If you compare the graphics to today’s standard, these are just godawful but back then, man we all thought this stuff was like real life. I still remember thinking “This is almost life-like!”. I was a stupid kid lol

Going to send this to my brother. He will laugh. He is a good 9 years younger than I am so he was too little to remember this generation of gaming.

This reminds me of the OG Tomb Raider games that I loved. I do wonder how someone creates this. I never looked into this kind of graphic design but I can bet this is a lot easier today. lol

i often wonder what happened to 98demake he used to make videos like that but he quit, idk why, they were getting quite a lot of views.

Looks pretty good. I wish I knew how to do this stuff. I would do it for a lot of games just for the lol’s.

I saw a bunch of stuff from this time recreated by different fans and it is fun to look back and see how things were in terms of graphics.