Evan Wells Shares Update

So Evan made some announcements for Naughty Dog with some well-deserved promotions on their gaming and developmental team. I will post a quote from the update:

Neil Druckmann now joins me as Co-President of Naughty Dog, after serving almost three years as Vice President. In addition, we’re welcoming Alison Mori and Christian Gyrling as Vice Presidents of Naughty Dog. Prior to becoming Vice President, Alison served as our Director of Operations and Christian served as our Co-Director of Programming

I am not really familiar with their devs or marketing team but I am sure they made solid promotions. I wish the best for them and I hope they can continue to provide engaging games with interesting and sometimes controversial stories.

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I second what Vivaas said. I don’t know any of these people but I hope it fairs well for them in the future. I know people didn’t take to kindly to a favorite character being killed off in a certain series but it seems most people got over it.

So they have been workers on the team for awhile apparently and have made great calls so they deserved the promotions. Good on them. Glad to see people moving up in companies in 2020. I am sick of hearing about businesses closing and people losing their jobs. So yeah, all good news.

The Last of Us 2 seems like it kind of tanked for a lot of fans but still somehow did well in terms of reviews. I seen some places give the game a 10/10 which is nuts. So I am guessing the promotions had to do with that game.