Epic Games Beats Out Nintendo

If you didn’t hear the news, Epic Games - Thanks to Fortnite - has become the most popular and leading gaming brand out there. Nintendo is in 2nd now and in 3rd place is Gameloft which is a mobile publisher. Nuts how things are changing. Epic Games kind of game out of nowhere and now it is dominating!

Epic Games has blown up in a big way for sure. I think they were aiming to compete with Steam and ended up dominated on so many other levels. A lot of my friends play games through them exclusively now and have left Steam behind.

To say Epic came out of nowhere is to ignore decades of popularity the Unreal engine has had, but im surprised to see them as #1 gaming company.

They have been working for some time to get where they are now. I don’t pay much attention to the business end of things when it comes to development companies or anything of the sort so for them to outrank Nintendo is surprising to me.

How close were they prior to beating them out? I mean I feel like they must have been up there and close to it for a while before this actually happened.

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention enough? I don’t know. Either way,it really did surprise me a lot. I was shocked to see the news about them beating out Nintendo.