Elder Scrolls Director Wants Interactions

Todd Howard recently spoke about how he wants more games to have interactive depth and to focus on players’ interactions with the worlds vs just having a massive open map with nothing to do. You can see what else he had to say here: https://wccftech.com/elder-scrolls-director-wants-to-see-more-reactivity-in-open-world-games-rather-than-greater-scale/

I have to agree with him. So many games are HUGE these days but the interactions within these worlds are very limited.

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Yeah, this is something I always wondered about myself. There is so much dead, un-interactive space in these humongous games. I was hoping to see a lot more substance in games like GTA V and was just let down.

What gets me is that sure, he is saying this but what about his own games? Why hasn’t this been looked at before and remedied in the past. I would take a smaller game with more features and depth vs a large map with 70% of it being dead space.

Well, when they start to make this happen, I will believe him. I mean I am not a big fan of Skyrim or anything but I know plenty who are and that has been one of the bigger complaints about the games. The maps are big but they feel empty in contrast.

This is one of my only complaints of modern gaming. So many games have big. beautifully detailed worlds that seem too lifeless because they have limited interactions in them.

I understood in the beginning that bigger maps weren’t going to mean “more” content to this degree but I figured by now, they would have figured out a way to implement more into these large worlds.

If and when they and other companies start focusing on this more, I think we will see a big climb in gaming across the board. I mean you will see more older people playing, more women, and more people in general who wouldn’t normally play because it becomes an enjoyable escape.