E3 2021 Canceled

I don’t know if anyone intended on going but this is no surprise. There are too many issues with large social gatherings for them to have it this year, same as last year. I don’t think it will be returning until 2022 and even then it will be a smaller event. I think they will be back in full swing come 2023.

I feel like people should have just assumed this. I don’t think they officially announced it though. They can just do a stream event and allow small groups to do presentations in safe areas. It will get the job done. I never been so I am not missing out on anything but I feel for those who go and won’t be able to 2 years in a row now.

I just assumed they wouldn’t have this convention for 2020 or 2021. I am thinking that 2022 will be a smaller event as well. I can’t see it being back to the large event they are used to hosting until all this mess blows over.

I thought they might have done something this year. Like an outdoor-only event that was smaller or something. Guess I was wrong. I don’t attend but I do enjoy watching some YouTubers I watch record their experiences.

Eh I am not missing anything. I stopped paying attention to the event in like 2013. It just isn’t the same anymore.

I always enjoyed watching the stuff as they announced it. I have never been to an E3 event but I would have loved to go to one. Just never got around to it. I was either too tight on money, too busy with work, or I was still in school.

I don’t think anyone is missing out on live events anymore other than seeing and socializing with people they normally do not get to. Most of what happens there can be seen online these days.

Based on what I have heard in the news lately, I don’t expect there will be one next year either. They keep dragging this restricted living out more and more and not Florida is supposedly loaded with the UK strain of viruses.

I know not many people care about it these days unless they actually attend. It doesn’t have the same watch value cause we can just get news at the drop of a hat thanks to social media.

Yeah that seems to be true. I mean you can just sit on Twitter all day and know everything without even watching. Just follow the right accounts and watch the announcement clips.