Doom Eternal Skins Coming to Fall Guys

For any fans of Doom who also enjoy Fall Guys, got some good news for you. Next week they are going to be releasing new Doom skins. The skins will be available in the game show battle royale for a limited time starting on January 12.

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I don’t play the game but that is pretty cool. They did a nice job on the designs for what they are. I am shocked they are doing a partnership with Doom considering the game’s genre being so much more bloody and dark.

I like that they are making skins for other popular games. It is actually a good marketing strategy and will keep people invested and interested in the game longer.

I have always enjoyed games that did this kind of stuff. I think it is a good marketing move and they are doing a great job at continuing to make sales and all that. Still, I lost interest in the game very fast. It just isn’t for me I guess.

Decent looking skins. I was looking at pictures of them.

What else have they had skins made for? I know they were trying to make partners with all sorts of games.