Does anyone here follow speed runners?

I love watching them, especially for retro/classic games. I am always looking for some new names to watch. If you enjoy them, recommend me some. They can be newer speed runners or ones that have been around for awhile that I might not have heard of.

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I just kind of follow who is popular with the games I am interested in from this site:

You will see a lot of them on Twitch on a weekly basis. Some of them are more entertaining than others to watch.

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I don’t anymore but I used to. I mainly only cared about the Zelda speed runs and the classic Mario ones. I didn’t watch anything outside of that and the guys I watched probably aren’t even active anymore. lol

I watch dannyb, Kosmic, mitchflowerpower, and RealAlphaGamer. There are others but I don’t follow them on a regular basis. Some of them have taken a break as well so no point in including them.

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The only one you mentioned that I still watch is Mitch. I find him to be one of the more entertaining and easy-going guys in the community. He also interacts with his fans and is truly thankful, it shows. Some of these speed runners can be down right full of themselves.

Do you know that one guy’s name with the pug as his avatar? I can’t think of his name. I used to watch him do speed runs on the classic Zelda games.

I like Zero Master’s doom speedruns. I think he’s done all of the franchise except Doom 3 at this point but his Doom 1, 2, and Eternal speedruns are really good. His Eternal speedruns are especially good when considered relative to the game’s release date, as people were able to (somewhat infamously) break the entire game very shortly after its release.

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Yea I follow the following:

Bawksoup for RE games
Distortion and lobojr for FS games

There are tons others I follow but yea the above 3 are the primaries. If nothing else, you do learn alot about the game watching speed runners.

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I watch rwhitegoose who is very good at goldeneye, he seems like a mans man but … a gamer.

Gotta say watching “Mr. Krabs Overdoses on Ketamine” speedruns has been worth the time.


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LOL What even is that game? I saw people making jokes about it. I didn’t even realize it was a real game for a while. It amazes me every day what people will turn into video games.

Back to reddit you go.

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What’s wrong with reddit? It’s such a good site full of diverse people.

Says the kitty avatar on a gaming forum. If you play video games, you can’t exactly tell someone else to “go do something with ur lives”. lol

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