Do you think Resident Evil Village will be any good?

I haven’t played many of the more recent titles. I kind of lost interest in the franchise. The last one I played was the remake they did of RE3. It was fun to play through it again but it lost a lot of the aspects I loved about the game. Not sure if I will play the one coming out this year or not.

Yeah I think it will be from what I read. I too have not been invested in the franchise like I once was. I fell out of love with the entire zombie genre because of over saturation. I am going to give this one a play though.

It is going to be a very culty take so if you are into that, then surely you will have fun. I think it looks beautiful and there are talks of it coming out for the PS4 as well so you won’t have to buy the new console in that case, if you don’t have it already which is good news for me.

It really depends on where the story goes. I never have an issue with the gameplay. I have always loved the way they feel and all the puzzles/hidden messages they include in their games. I just don’t know about the story. I don’t know much about it outside of the trailers.

I have heard good things but no one really know until it comes out. I would say, if you are a fan you may as well give it a try. You can’t really go based on ratings these days because they are heavily biased.

I don’t know much about it. I mean I always play these games every year they come out so even if I don’t fully enjoy it, I’ll still be playing it. I didn’t care too much for the last one but I know plenty of people who loved it.

Thanks for your input guys. Yeah I guess it is a bit too soon to say. I mean it looks good. I just don’t want to get my hopes up with something like this again. I feel like a lot of the games in recent years have been a mixed bag.