Do you think Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will be worse on purpose?

I saw a few threads/conversations about this topic on other sites. A fair amount of fans, mostly older fans, feel like the names and overall lack of improvements makes the remakes feel rushed, empty, and not worth it. Then they got into the talks of this being on purpose to force older fans to get into the new Legends game. Like they are trying to rebuild the entire gameplay from the ground up and don’t want to completely lose their older fanbase. Thoughts?

I heard of this conversation though I don’t know anyone who thinks this personally.

IMO, I think the game was meant to be appealing to those who still like the classic style games as a way to make more money or give people who are not interested in Legends a game to enjoy. Either way, they showed us footage that will be changed so we can’t go by that yet.

Am I the only one who thinks the names could have been better?

I don’t think they are doing this intentionally. People are just used to them putting more thought and creativity into their games I suppose but they have been lacking for a few gens now imo.

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Nah. They want to make their money. I think this is a case of early development. The final games will look better than what they showed us. They always do.

^ exactly!

Nintendo will sometimes release games that seem half-arsed but they do make them sales. That is what matters. They know Pokemon fans are likely to buy both so they will ensure that by making them both good titles. Heck, some will even get both versions of the remake and the new game.

Those are some fair points, I did see in the video presentation that what they were showing is subject to change implying that the final games will look better. Nintendo does this all the time and in most cases, they do look better. I think the names are fine as well. I can’t think of anything better to call them.