Do you prefer a smaller monitor or a larger one?

I am debating on getting a larger monitor. I believe mine is 23". I was thinking of moving up to 32" but my friend who played on one that large said I am better off staying under 27". What do you prefer and why?

I think this depends on what I am doing. I have played on both and I think smaller ones with better clarity/specs are better for gaming but larger ones are better for watching videos and multi-tasking. Have you ever considered just getting two monitors?

Dual monitors I find are best but if you only one to go with one, go with a longer one. You don’t want to be playing on a small TV screen.

Depends on the game. I have used both and like both for different reasons. I mean if you have sensitive eyes or wear glasses, a bigger screen would be better in general. Some say the resolution is more important than size though when it comes to gaming.

I like smaller screens. I have mine propped up on a monitor stand on my desk and since I sit pretty close to it, it wouldn’t make sense to have a bigger screen. I would be forced to move my head around more instead of just my eyes.

Go ultra-wide or dual monitors. Don’t just go bigger, you will regret it. It causes LOADS of eye strain and neck strain. Big screens are not meant to sit close to.