Do you play any mobile games?

I see a lot of teens and young 20 somethings playing mobile games but I seldom see people around my age playing them (30). I never got into them even though I have had “smartphones” for the last 10 years now. Does anyone here play any?

every now and then I’ll look at my ex gf nudes (4+ years) on my phone that I still have. its like a game to see how fast I can feel shame


Naw. I played among us on my telephone but quickly bought it on PC instead so i didnt have to deal with ads and use mouse and kboard

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Ads put me off from mobile gaming. The only ones I have ever played were those trivia-style ones and only with friends. I haven’t played anything on my phone in a long time though. Most games are better on PC if there is an option for them anyway.

I did when I first got a smartphone back when there weren’t many games on it but now, I hardly play anything. Heck, outside of texting, taking calls, and taking a picture now and then, I do nothing else on my phone.

I tried that CoD game on my phone and ended up giving up on it after a half-hour. Other than that, I can’t remember the last game I played on my phone.

Heck no.

I have consoles and a PC for that. If I leave my house it is to hang out with friends/family, work, or do some shopping. I am seldom in a position where I am glued to my phone.

I did like back in 2010. Not anymore. Most of them are just data farms. I don’t have any apps on my phone outside of basic needs. I like to use my phone for mainly looking up things on the go, talking to people, and texting. That is about it. I used to keep a planner going on it for work and whatnot but I haven’t used it since like 2019.

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