Do you like spamming emotes in Discord?

Check out this keyboard. Holy crap this is glorious for memes and banter.

I seriously would buy one of these.

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I like spamming emojis but only custom emojis in my particular discords. Oh and this one :cowboy_hat_face:

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I really need this in my life now :eyes:

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Do you know if this guy does custom requests? I am curious because I would love something similar to this to be made and I am willing to spend a few hundred on it.

That is a pretty cool custom board he made there. I have seen others like this made before. Some of them are downright hilarious. There was one with anime girls all over it and it would moan when you would use it. lol

I am sub’d to his channel. I watch few others like him too that do custom keyboards, controllers, and other things. Really fascinating stuff when you see how they function.

No idea. Check on his YouTube channel, there might be contact information if he is taking custom work. I would imagine it will not be cheap since he is just working by himself as a hobby.