Did you see what Super Mario Bros. 3 just sold for?

Well, a brand new copy of the game was up for sale as an auction and it sold for $156,000! That is absolutely insane. It has become the most expensive game to ever sell. There were consoles that have sold for less brand new in the box. Pretty crazy right?

I saw it. It was still in one of those protective store cases. I am guessing it was a store display that was never sold and just sat around for a long time. Maybe one of the store workers or managers bought the game dirt cheap after the fact and kept it as is.

That… Is insane!

I am not a collector or anything but even for a brand new copy of my favorite game, I wouldn’t pay more than $200 for. I just don’t see the value in it. Like you can get several brand new cars for that price, or even a whole house in some areas.

People are nuts these days with buying older items that aren’t opened. Those first edition Pokemon cards, for a case of unopened ones, sells for like $250,000+ per box. So this price tag doesn’t really shock me.

I am sorry but if you are spending this kind of money on something like this, you likely don’t have a lot going on irl. That or you have more money than you know what to do with. I am sure the seller is very, VERY happy though!

That is nuts. It makes me wish I took better care of my games and everything I had growing up because they are all selling for so much. I guess this is down to people wanting to relive their childhoods or just collect items from them.

Some people just really like collecting items in mint conditions. I mean it is their money to do with what they want. I am not going to shame someone over it. I am not a collector but I get the appeal of it.