Did anyone see that apology video for Cyberpunk 2077?

Muta sums up my thoughts and feelings on it. If you want to watch it in full, it should still be up on their channel. I could have told people what he said. He didn’t really give us any information we didn’t know, just excuses. He is right about management. They cleared the game even when devs said it wasn’t ready.

cyberpunk 2077 was a good game, no apology needed. last gen consoles just weren’t ready for the true Power of Polish Gaming.

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Please leave the p*lak propaganda at the door when you post on my forum.

-----The Five and Only-----

thank u for censoring that offensive word but im still reporting you to @admins

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I am fine with the p*les I just don’t want any European propaganda on a fully American website. It’s weird.

If I wanted to see two p*lak boys kissing each other and trying to turn our youth into skinny blonde pissieweenies I would just look at @mrwtf’s phone gallery.

this is between you and me, tough guy… leave @mrwtf out if it

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He is the only P*lak I can think of, sorry.

I just can’t get him out of my head sometimes, his European propaganda on the old Xfire is embedded within the deepest recesses of my brain… almost a part of who I am at this point

Some times I have dreams where I am kissing him lol but don’t tell my mom she already tried to get me to go to GayAway Therapy when I was 12

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By the way toko what happened to your brother? I remember he usedto post on xfire and I think he liked pokemon lol I have some questions for him about pokemon + human reproduction

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we dont talk about mudkip. last i heard he was a beggar on the streets of NYC


Wow that’s so sad… he was probably one of the one in six kids caught stealing

I remember around the time xfire first got bought out his brother was telling me that mudkip was heading down a dark path… As Somebody who has seen close friends struggle with similar things all I can say is Play Pokemon and Prosper LOL!

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The game has loads of bugs and was clearly not ready but that doesn’t stop it from being a decent to even good game. It looks beautiful but they should have taken their time with some stuff. You live you learn.

I keep seeing reports about them knowing the game wasn’t done yet and about all the bugs. They were working on them days prior to the release and days into it which is why the patch came so fast.

I got it thanks to sharing steam accounts with my brother lolzor. but my pc is in storage atm :sweat_smile:

I don’t know why people even take this kind of stuff seriously. Yes, they messed up but most of the time these apologize videos are just saving face and they are lying.