Did anyone here ever own a PlayStation Vita?

I remember I was going to get what until I saw the price and changed my mind. I haven’t paid much attention to it since then but I found several older articles and discussions on the handheld device where people were very unhappy with it. I am curious if anyone here owned one and what their thoughts were on it.

My brother got one. I think they came out back in 2012, right? He ended up selling it a year later. For the cost, the console was nothing special. I don’t recall the main issues but the hardware was a letdown.

Nope. I saw the hype and knew the specs were just not worth the cost. I feel like they could have marketed it better and it would have done better had they charged less but oh well. It is one of those consoles no one really talks about anymore.

I bought one. It sucked. lol

I think there was over hype around it and a lot of people got suckered into buying it expecting it to be more than what it was. I was one of the unfortunate ones to get one that had issues with loading. Had many of crashes and issues with charging too.

I never did. I was not really into handhelds though. I only ever owned a Gameboy Color and a 3DS. Nothing else really stuck out to me enough to buy it. I almost got the first DS but I decided against it.

What made this be considered the worst handheld though? Like I honestly thought it had more going for it than what ended up happening.