Diamond and Pearl Remakes?

So the story here is that there was a sound bite discovered that is tied directly to Diamond and Pearl which is making people believe there will be remakes coming. I for one would be super excited for this because I LOVED those games! I am not a fan of the latest Pokemon game. I decided to not even play it but this is one I would definitely play.

This is one of those rumors that doesn’t hold much. I mean the article says there will be some kind of Nintendo thing happening in the next few days, I think it said the 27th so we will find out more then I suppose.

I am going to assume this is true and they are doing remakes.

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They were indeed true. They announced the games the other day. There will be remakes and a new open-world game as well. Looks like some interesting stuff happening. I don’t know if you guys are getting these vibes or not but the Legends game looks a lot like Breath of the Wild to me lol

I only now just heard about this, earlier today. The new game looks interesting. I am surprised they are going with remakes now though. I just assumed they were done with those since the 3DS stopped being a thing.


If you need the details, here’s what we have, including the release period and Quality of Life enhancements from the DS version.


Interesting choices. I guess I kind of assumed they would be doing remakes this year. They do them every few years it seems and most people widely accept them and enjoy them. I think it is also easier to record, stream, and do multiplayer video series on YouTube using the Switch vs the DS which required capture cards. Either way, looking forward to both!

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I don’t really play Pokemon stuff anymore but these look good for what they are. The new legends game is likely going to work/function as a transition for the franchise where they focus more on open-world style games and make it more user-friendly for multiplayer.

What games have they not remade yet? I remember people saying something about wanting a Pokemon Z game but they never did it. Maybe that will be their next venture for a “remake” of sorts.

I learned my lesson with this. When a rumor doesn’t hold a lot of weight, it is more likely to be true. At least this is the case when it comes to Nintendo games. lol

I will likely be getting both. I like the games they chose to remake and even thought they don’t appear to be anything special, I will want the experience of playing them. I also like the design and look of the new Legends game.