DeathAdder V2 Pro wireless gaming mouse & privacy concerns?

Razer’s DeathAdder mouse is $100 off right now and I was tempted to finally get myself a wireless mouse but I am seeing feedback about it on Amazon talking about privacy concerns and honestly, it put me off big time. Does anyone here use this mouse? If not, would you buy it knowing you have to sign up to actually use the mouse?

I didn’t know they made you sign up and sign a privacy disclosure just to use their mouse. Looking over the details, yeah they are allowing themselves to share your information but to what extent - I am not sure. I personally wouldn’t buy the mouse just based on this but I take privacy very seriously when it comes to the internet.

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I agree, I would not use this mouse either.

I have not looked into the finer details or read over the policy but I have gotten refunds for games and software for much less from what I am hearing. I will stick with my wired mouse.

I don’t know all the details but I can’t imagine they can get a whole lot through mouse software. Like people worry about this stuff but likely bleed data through pointless apps and failure to actually read terms and agreements on their phones.

Did you read the details yourself or just based on what people have said?

There are a lot of times that people misread or misunderstand this stuff so it might be worth looking up their agreements and fine print before deciding.