Cyberpunk 2077 reviews are coming in hot

I was looking through some of them, not in-depth but the summary since I didn’t want any spoilers or the chance of them and the game is fairing as “good”. Nothing great and nothing ground breaking which I think is sad considering the amount of hype that was behind it. I guess I will wait until people start playing it to see what they think.

I saw some of them giving them higher ratings and some giving them good ratings. The feedback seems to be very limited and I feel like the devs wanted to keep things hushed until after the game’s release to ensure they get those day one sales for anyone who didn’t preorder.

I am only seeing great feedback. Maybe I am looking in the wrong spot? I am shocked though to see IGN give them a 9/10 when the Last of Us 2 got 10/10… I felt like that game was maybe an 8/10. The story was a bit botched and I didn’t like playing as that butch woman after what happened in the story.

Did you see the one Gamespot reviewer is being harassed on her social media accounts? What is wrong with people? These are just opinions. They are actually sending her death threats and saying things like “go back to the kitchen”. So pathetic.

Yeah, I did hear about this. I think this is because a lot of these people who review games these days tend to not even play the game. I made a thread about “journalism mode” and if that is true, which I am not 100% yet, then I would not trust any of these platforms for reliable reviews on a game.

The game, when you ignore all the bugs and graphic issues, is a good game. I think they just oversold it. It certainly is not everything they said it would be. There are a lot of parts or aspects that don’t align with what they promised.

I have been reading the feedback from actual people playing and some say the game is amazing and others are saying it is horrible. I don’t even know if I want to get it at this point. Based on what people have said here and some other forums I am on, I just don’t know.