Cyberpunk 2077 REMOVED from Playstation store

Not sure if you guys saw this but they removed it from the store and are issuing refunds for anyone who wants them. I am not sure how this will affect the company or sales but this has to be a bad thing for them. I never heard of a system removing a AAA game like this.

I JUST READ THIS!!! CDPR royally screwed up this time. This can’t be good at all. Sony is offering full returns for the digital versions no matter how much you played it now. I think they said they can be returned for full refunds in store if you got the physical version as well.

Sony tends to hold a fairly high standard for AAA titles and knowing that so many people complained about the quality of it, they probably felt it was best for everyone to just wipe it from the network.

Ouch. That has to sting a bit. I don’t know the details but I have read into some speculations. Some people are saying this is down to Sony receiving too many complaints from players and not wanting to deal with it. Others are saying this is down to Sony being targeted directly over the game, people saying the console is crap, etc. etc.

So what now?

Are they going to allow it to be put back on the network for the next-gen console release or is it just going to be wiped from the network and no one on PS4/PS5 can play it?

When will people learn that you should never overhype a game? I feel like they kind of shot themselves in their own feet though considering how much of the game they promised everyone just wasn’t there.

As for the game on the PS4/5, unless you have a physical copy, you won’t be able to play it anymore as far as I know.