Cyberpunk 2077 Release Day Is Here!

I noticed there wasn’t a thread for this on the platform so I thought I would make one. Feel free to talk about the game (no spoilers!) and what you are doing while you wait for the release. I am pretty excited for it. Got just under 9 hours to go!

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There is so much happening right now it is insane. People are spoiling the ending already because people were able to play the game in New Zealand before everyone else. There are people who switched their timezones in their Xboxes and were able to start playing as well from all over. I am just avoiding social media for the most part right now.

Loving the game thus far. They really made it open to everyone. You can play V how you want while not taking away from the story one bit. I am not sure how much I have completed thus far but I am really enjoying it a lot.

I am enjoying it, though I am having issues with bugs and lag/delay. It seems to be an issue on console and not PC so I am not surprised here. I feel like they were forced to rush things.

The game is great. I only played about maybe 30 minutes of it at my friend’s house. My PC couldn’t handle it. I am going to do some upgrades in the next few weeks so I can play it. Very glad I didn’t get it on console!

I enjoyed the creation mode where you set up V. I must have spent a good hour on that. I don’t know how long this game is meant to be, like story-wise, but I have already played a good 6 hours and don’t even feel like I put a dent in anything.

I been playing it and enjoying it. I didn’t get it on console and I am glad about that. I am far from done because I am taking my time. Thanks for not spoiling things in the thread. Let’s keep it spoiler free!