Cyberpunk 2077 pre-orders reached 8 million worldwide!

That is insane, right? I mean I knew the game was going to be a huge deal and likely make tons of sales since it was meant to be the game of the year but knowing they sold over 8 million in preorders alone is impressive. I am guessing it reaches over 10 million within the first week.

It will probably hit 15 million before the year is over. A lot of people will be getting the game for a Christmas gift for someone too. I feel like this game can use some work (it is a bit buggy out the gate) but I hope that it doesn’t result in people wanting refunds.

So do these numbers drop in the event that the game is mass-refunded? I know several people who are or already have gotten refunds for it. Bad news bears if this counts.

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There was so much hype built up around this game that this hardly surprises me. I am wondering the same thing as Bluue now though. Considering the console had issues and a lot of people complained and got refunded, it makes me wonder if it will effect sales or stats.

I wonder with everything that went wrong with the game, if it will stand a chance at being game of the year next year. I guess this really depends on what they do from this point forward. There have not been great things being said about the game.