Cyberpunk 2077 Hotfix 1.04

For those of you playing on the console, this update should remedy some of the issues you have been experiencing but not all of them.

What was fixed specifically for console:

  • Improved reflections quality on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to eliminate the smudge effect.
  • Fixed “The Wasteland” achievement being stuck on 97% after completing all relevant missions in The Badlands on Xbox.
  • Fixed an issue with missing PT-BR VO for Xbox players in Americas.

You can see all the fixes implemented here:

I noticed there were some fixes that worked but it still seems like the game is way too buggy. I almost feel as if they maybe rushed the game without properly testing it even though there were like 4 or 5 delays. I don’t even remember at this point.

I got it refunded prior to the patch so I don’t know if it would have helped or not. I downloaded it for PC after my refund cleared so I been enjoying it that way. Love the game. I hope the patch helps people.

From what I have heard, they plan on rolling out another one before December is over. They have their work cut out for them, that is for sure. Might have been worth one last delay. Too late now!

Didn’t make much of a difference for me. It runs better but still keeps having issues. I will wait for one more patch and if the game still isn’t functioning right, I will request a refund. I am hoping I still can at that point. I only played the game for like an hour.

A lot of people are saying this helped but they need to keep working on it. With that being said, I have enjoyed the game. I have not had many issues with it but I am playing on PC and that seems to be where they face the least amount of issues and many of those issues were fixed with this patch.

It helped a lot of things but there are still things that are messed up in the game. I can’t be mad though, this was the case with Witcher 3. They released a very broken game but they fixed it and listened to the community. I am guessing they are doing the same again.