Cuphead skins in Fall Guys?

I don’t play Fall Guys all that often anymore but I saw something about them doing Cuphead skins and I had to wonder… Is this game still relevant? I mean I loved it when it came out. Played through it twice and beat it. Unless they made a new game or DLC, I can’t see many people caring about these skins.

Nothing new, nope. If I had to guess, this likely means a new game will be coming out so they want to get the characters fresh in people’s heads again.

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Was going to say the same as Kenny.

They are likely getting ready to launch a new game or it is in the stages of being developed. I mean it sold a crap ton of copies so it was a hit and people still buy it and play it.

I don’t know if they are planning another game or not but considering so many people still enjoy the game and it was ported to the Switch not that long ago (last year in fact), I think it is just a smart business move.

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I would love to see another one be made. I didn’t even finish the last one. There are parts that are just too hard and I refuse to play it on easy. lol