Creepy encounters

Any one got any creepy encounters?

So me an this dude Pietro work together. Hes a cool guy on the older side I always considered him MY BRO my ITALIAN BROTHA FROM AN ITALIAN motha

Me an PIETRO were mad tight and we always have dunkin ds on thursdays. We call it thursDDay in honor of THE BEST DOGNUTS

One day my ride broke an my main man pietro offered me a ride. But at every lite this dude was like touch my face fur and said he likes MY LEGS. Some dudes go all touchy feely but this guy wanted a piece of old Casey “CASEMODS”

Casey dont go to bat for bros but I didnt say nothing because PIETRO is my bro and was giving me a ride. Hes a good bro. Buys me Dunkinn Ds and shiz. Just got a creepy quirk.

Casey dont discrim ya know fat or thin I love all the ladys but i like them on the thicc side ngl but I dont look at my bros like that.

I cant blame em. Every one wants to “mod” my case ya know?

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Creepy encounters with members or just anyone in general? I had a stalker when I was 18 or so which was weird. The dude was a bit off his nut lol

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I can’t say I have ever had a creepy encounter. At least none that I am aware of or could remember. I am sure there is something that happened when I was younger that is slipping my mind but online nothing I can think of. My younger sister however had someone use her pictures on Facebook to catfish people. I told her to take it as a compliment. LOL

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Shit the only one i had is when i posted on a fb group where can i fix my phone’s battery and some dude dm’d me saying that he will pick me up after work to take me to his shop which is in like some garage close to the part of town where i live. he would insist on driving me there and woulnd tell me his adress, he was acting weird the way he was messaging me and of course i said yes and so went with him, i got butt fucked and tortured by 3 gypsies but he also fixed my phone, so its all gucci :relieved:

I had some weird dude “date stalking” me. This was when I still used Facebook. I had been dating someone and he was getting into contact with her and we split and she pursued him only for him to reject her. A year or so goes by, and he was messaging my new girlfriend trying to hang out with her. She told him to f off lol… Happened one last time 3 years later with someone I had been seeing but not formally dating only this time, through Twitter. After that, he ended up getting married to someone I don’t know but it was just really weird. He was an ex of my friend’s sister.

I got catfished… Twice. lol

They are long stories though that I don’t feel like going into detail with. I will say the first one was over AIM. I thought it was a girl I had gone to school with who recently transferred to another school. I didn’t find out for 2 months that it was actually my friend’s brother (who was not openly gay yet but had a crush on me). The other one was through Facebook back in 2010. It was a middle-aged overweight woman pretending to be a 23-year-old bartender I supposedly met. She ended up confessing to everything eventually.

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Someone DM’d me on my Instagram account when I still had it. I used it mainly for showing art work I did but the dude was really weird. He was asking me very vague questions and then randomly knew the city I lived in. I blocked him. I feel like it was someone local I might have made mad somewhere at some point. I legit thought someone was hunting me down for months after this lol

Never had one of these things happen to me, that I am aware of. Seems to be more common online these days for sure but anything I post outside of forums is made private anyways and I don’t talk to no one I don’t know.